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  • 1 December 2016

    Ambassador Janusz Stańczyk and President of the Jewish Community Lower Rhine Jean Paul Kling have inaugurated jointly the exhibition ,,Samaritans from Markowa” dedicated to Polish family Ulma murdered by the Germans during the II World War for hiding Jews.


    The solemn ceremony took place on 28th November 2016 in the Great Synagogue of Strasbourg Synagogue de la Paix  and was organized by the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the Council of Europe and the Jewish Community Lower Rhine (Consistoire Israelite du Bas-Rhin).



    The exhibition describes the history of Polish family, Józef and Wiktoria Ulma, who together with  their six children had been executed for hiding eight Jewish neighbors form the family of Dinder, Grunfeld and Goldman. In 1995 Wiktoria and Józef Ulma were recognized as “Righteous among the World Nations”.

    In the ceremony participated, among others, seniors officials of the Council of Europe, Ambassadors accredited to the CoE, Permanent Observer to the CoE of the Holly See, French deputies of the district Bas-Rhin, Honorary Consul of Israel, Consuls General present in Strasbourg, representatives of the city of Strasbourg, representatives of Jewish association and Jewish community of Alsace.



    The ceremony was opened by the President of the Jewish Community Lower Rhine, Jean Paul Kling. He reminded that more over 6000 of Polish people were founded as Righteous what gives Poland the top position on the Yad Vashem list of “Righteous among  World Nations” and the most engaged in the fight against the nazi terror during the Second World War.

    Ambassador Janusz Stańczyk in his speech paid tribute to all those who were murdered by Nazi Germans for helping Jewish people and all Jewish people killed by the Nazi Germany. The Ambassador reminded that the Jewish people were Polish citizens  as well  and on many important occasions were taking part in the battles for freedom and independence  of Poland. He recalled that Polish and Jewish peoples have been living together in Poland for over 1000 years of common  history, ,,thousand years of great charters of coexistence brutally interrupted by the Holocaust”.  Ambassador recalled the words of President Andrzej Duda expressed during the inauguration of the Museum of Family of Józef and Wiktoria Ulma in Markowa: ,,Anyone who sows and foment anti-Semitism, treads down the grave of the Family of Ulma".

    Then guests gathered at the ceremony listened to a lecture by Paweł Szapiro, historian and expert on Polish-Jewish relations.



    fot.: Thomas AZAN


    The inauguration has been the first joint initiative of  Permanent Representation of  the Republic of Poland to the CoE and Jewish Community in Strasbourg. It culminated  in  signing of a joint declaration on cultural cooperation, in which both sides expressed their willingness to cooperate, through cultural activities, for the benefit of:

    -promoting history, heritage and tradition of Polish Jews;

    -supporting Polish-Jewish  dialog built on the historic truth;

    -cultivate the memory of Polish Righteous;

    -reminding about the victims and suffering of both Nations during the Nazi occupation of Poland;


    fot.: Thomas AZAN


    At the end guest listened the musical performance by Yacov Weil Hineni who sang traditional Jewish  songs in Hebrew and Yiddish.


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