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  • 25 March 2017

    Today marks the 60th anniversary since representatives of Belgium, France, the FRG, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Italy gathered in the Capitoline Museums to sign the Treaty of Rome which laid the foundation stone of today’s European Union.

    At that time Poland was separated from the free world by the iron curtain and could not join in this unprecedented integration project which originated from the struggle to overcome the ravages of World War II and the determination to avoid such horrors in the future. In the decades to come, the growing community of European nations enjoyed peace, security, and prosperity. After the collapse of communism in our part of Europe, spurred by the “Solidarity” freedom movement, Poland entered the European Union in 2004, bringing with it its political and economic potential, rich intellectual heritage, enthusiasm for Europe and entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens. 


    The last decade was a particularly difficult time for the Union. The multi-faceted crisis put on trial the Union’s workings and we did not always manage to pass the test. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland is convinced that the European Union, guided by sincere solidarity and integration, can serve its member states and their citizens in delivering on the promise of security and prosperity in the years to come. However, we must aim at unity instead of divisions, at a Union capable of facing global rivalry instead of a Union of smaller circles, at a Union fostering its most important success which is the single market with its freedoms, instead of a Union succumbing to the temptation of protectionism. What we need today is an honest diagnosis of the problems afflicting the European Union and the courage to carry out the necessary reforms. Poland is ready to enter this debate on the basis of the declaration adopted today in Rome.   



    MFA Press Office

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