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  •  On 3-4 November 2010 the 15th ministerial conference of the Council of Europe Pompidou Group was held in Strasbourg, which focused on the theme "Towards a coherent policy on psychoactive substances".

    The conference marked the end of the 4-year presidency of Poland in the Pompidou Group. Adam Fronczak, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health, summarised the four years of the Pompidou Group's work under the Polish chairmanship. France was elected a new chair for four next years.

    During the conference, Director of the Polish National Bureau for Drug Prevention dr Piotr Jabłoński was awarded the Pro Merito Medal by the CoE Secretary General. While awarding the Medal, which was established to honour persons with particular merits for the Council of Europe, Secretary General T. Jagland commended dr Piotr Jabłoński for his efforts to strenghten the position of the Pompidou Group in Europe and beyond (the Mediterranean region). T. Jagland stressed that in his work Director Jabłoński always put human rights first - in compliance with the mission of the Council of Europe since its establishment in 1949.

    Ministers and other representatives of Member States of the Pompidou Group participated in the conference alongside ministers of some other countries of the Mediterranean region closely cooperating with the Pompidou Group. Representatives of other international organisations dealing with drug prevention attended as well. The discussions concerned current challenges in the anti-drug policies in Europe and in neighbouring regions. 

    An award ceremony of the European Drug Prevention Prize 2010 also took place during the conference. The winning projects were selected from Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom. It was already the fourth edition of the competition that had been organised by the Pompidou Group since 2004.  

    On 3 November 2010 a solemn dinner was offered for all participants in the premises of the Permanent Representation of Poland to the CoE. 

    Video recordings - i.a. speeches by Minister Adam Fronczak and Director Piotr Jabłoński

    Final Declaration

    Official website of the conference

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