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  • On 1 October 2009 Ambassador Piotr A. Świtalski, Permanent Representative of Poland to the Council of Europe, signed in Strasbourg on behalf of Poland Protocol no. 14bis to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The signature of the Protocol by Poland coincided with the date of its entry into force. Poland was the 15th CoE Member State to sign Protocol no. 14bis.

    Protocol No. 14bis was opened for signature on 27 May and required the ratification by three states to enter into force.It will increase the European Court of Human Rights' short-term capacity to process applications. The new Protocol allows, pending entry into force of Protocol No. 14, the immediate and provisional application of two procedural elements of Protocol No. 14 with respect to those states that express their consent:

    • a single judge will be able to reject plainly inadmissible applications, whereas now this requires a decision by a committee of three judges.
    • the competence of three-judge committees will be extended to declare applications admissible and decide on their merits in well-founded and repetitive cases, where there already is a well-established case law of the Court. Currently, these cases are handled by chambers of seven judges.

    Its provisions shall apply to applications pending before the Court against each of the States for which the Protocol has entered into force. Member states may provisionally apply the provisions before entry into force, if they so wish.

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