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  • On 4th October 2007 in Strasbourg an official award ceremony of the European Diploma for mayors of the 24 local authorities from all Europe took place. The Diplomas are awarded every year by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to municipalities in recognition of their work in promoting the European cooperation idea (such as participating in the twinning programmes, etc.). This is the first step on the way for applying for the "Europe Prize". Two further stages are the Flag of Honour and the Plaque of Honour.

    This year there were six Polish municipalities awarded with the European Diploma:






    Środa Śląska.

    Moreover, the Diplomas were collected by the representatives of five German cities, three French and Lithuanian and two Italians.

    The Flag of Honour was handed in, inter alia, to Białogard and Ogrodzieniec.

    The main "Europe Prize" has been awarded to German town of Nuremberg, who is cooperating through the twinning programmes with fourteen town partners, organizes the conferences promoting European cooperation as well as undertakes the activities promoting human rights.

    The "Europe Prize" was set up by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in 1955 and is the highest award for the cities for their activity on the field of European values' promotion. 

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