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  • 27 October 2008

    Since 27 October 2008 an exhibition of paintings by Polish artist Marek Ałaszewski has been taking place in the Council of Europe's main building in Strasbourg. The artist presents his oil and watercolour paintings.

    Marek Ałaszewski is an author of numerous thematic cycles of paintings based on the observation of nature and inspired by music, among them "Impresje weneckie" (Venetian Impressions) and "Pejzaże polskie" (Polish landscapes), as wells as "Fortepian" (The Piano) and "Symfonia" (The Symphony). He is also an interior and furniture designer as well as deals with wall-painting.

    Marek Ałaszewski is also a musician, composer, author of song texts and a vocalist. He  created a legendary music group "Klan" and composed music to two musicals: "Mrowisko" (Ant-hill) and "Sen nocy letniej" (A Midsummer Night's Dream) - the latter to the text by William Shakespeare. Ałaszewski is preparing new recordings at the moment.

    The exhibition will last until 21 November 2008.


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