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  • On 17th October 2007 in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg an official inauguration of an exposition entitled "One thousand years of Jews in Poland" took place. Honorary patronage over the exposition was assumed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Mr. Terry Davis.  

    The exposition prepared by the Institute of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan was organized by the United Assembly of Jews in France (Appel Unifie des Juifs en France) in cooperation with the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the Council of Europe. Strasbourg after Toulouse and Metz is the third place of exposition's presentation.

    In its inauguration, apart from the representatives of the main Jewish assemblies in France, Mrs. Minister's of Foreign Affaires of the Republic of Poland Plenipotentiary to Jewish Diaspora was present as well as the honorary consul of the Republic of Poland in Toulouse and the ambassadors - the permanent representatives of the country members of the Council of Europe. 

    The exposition "One thousand years of Jews in Poland" presents a millenary activity of the Jewish population in a political, economic, cultural and social life of Poland from the Xth century till the beginning of the Second World War. This exhibition exposes also the tragic times of Jews in Poland after 1939 (Jewish extermination in the ghettos and in the Nazi concentrated camps) as well as it informs about a help for the Jewish population from Poles during the Second World War. The exhibition on exposing the bright and the dark sides of the Polish Jews' history presents a real image of Polish-Jewish relations and by the same conduces to battle the stereotypes.

    The exhibition was presented until 30th October 2007.







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