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  • 1. Is the Council of Europe an organ of the European Union?

    No, the Council of Europe is a separate international organisation with seat in Strasbourg (France). It consists of 47 member-states from all over Europe. The main organs of the Council of Europe are: Committee of Ministers, Parliamentary Assembly and the European Court of Human Rights. In turn, the European Union has 28 member-states and its organs comprise of European Council, Council of the European Union, European Commission, European Parliament and the European Court of Justice. Yet, both organisations are based on the same values (human rights, democracy and the rule of law) and cooperate closely to achieve these goals. Moreover, all the European Union countries are members of the Council of Europe.

    Read more about how to distinguish the two organisations here


    2. Does the Permanent Representation represent Poland in the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights?

    No, the Government of Poland is represented before the Court by the Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland for cases and proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights. The Plenipotentiary is supported by the Office for proceedings before international organs of human rights protection in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. In case of questions, we advise you to contact the Office directly (link to the website in English and e-mail).


    3. Does the Permanent Representation perform also consular functions? 

    No, the Permanent Representation does not have consular competences. Strasbourg falls under the competence of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in France (Paris). We advise you to address there all your requests and questions of a consular character. The contact data of the Consular Section in Paris are the following:


    Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in France
    3, rue deTalleyrand, 75007 Paris, France
    Fax: +33 1 43 17 3401, +33 1 43 17 34 34
    Tel.: +33 143173400, +33 1 43 17 34 22 / 04

    4.Can foreign tourists receive form the Permanent Representation some leaflets or brochures about Poland ?

    Yes, you can apply for such leaflets or brochures by e-mail or by telephone +333 88 37 23 02. More information or brochures about Poland can be obtained from the Consular Section of the Embassy of Poland in Paris (for contact data - see above). Interesting information on travelling to Poland can also be found here.


    5. Is it possible for young foreigners to apply for traineeships in the Permanent Representation of Poland to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg?

    Yes, there is such a possibility on the basis of the Ordinance no. 13 of the Director General of the Foreign Service. The Permanent Representation of Poland to the Council of Europe can organise student or post-graduate internships, volunteer work and traineeships for persons who are citizens of Member States of the European Union. In justified cases, also citizens of other countries can apply. Decision on admission is subject to the availability of places and compliance with the relevant conditions stipulated in the Ordinance no. 13. More informations can be found here.


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