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  • 28 March 2014

    “The agreement on translation of European Court of Human Rights judgements aims to strengthen the observance of human rights standards in Poland,” emphasised MFA Undersecretary of State Artur Nowak-Far at the ceremonial signing of the document in Warsaw on Monday.

    The deputy minister commented that the agreement reflects the values which are endorsed by the European Court of Human Rights—the need for dialogue between domestic court institutions and the European Court. The agreement provides for a co-operation framework between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Administrative Court for translating and disseminating the European Court’s most important judgements which concern other states.


    Pursuant to the agreement, a co-operation mechanism between the four bodies will be implemented, which will be co-ordinated by the MFA. The partner institutions will be jointly selecting the most important judgements passed by the European Court with respect to other states. Selected documents will be then translated into Polish. The judgements will be published in the Constitutional Tribunal’s and the Supreme Administrative Court’s case-law databases, in the database of the European Court’s judgements kept by the Ministry of Justice (http://bip.ms.gov.pl/pl/prawa-czlowieka/europejski-trybunal-praw-czlowieka/orzecznictwo-europejskiego-trybunalu-praw-czlowieka/) and in the HUDOC case-law database kept by the European Court.


    The agreement confirms the commitment of the central administration, the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Administrative Court to disseminating the European Court’s judgements in Poland, including among Polish judges.


    The document was signed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 24th 2014 by Artur Nowak-Far – Deputy Foreign Minister, Professor Andrzej Rzepliński – President of the Constitutional Tribunal, Professor Roman Marek Hauser – President of the Supreme Administrative Court and Wojciech Węgrzyn – Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Justice.



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