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  • 29 April 2014

    ‘Children are not prospective humans, they are already human beings’ – this quote from Janusz Korczak’s book ‘The Child’s Right to Respect’ was a motto of the second edition of Janusz Korczak Semianar Series that took place on 23 April 2014 at the Youth Centre of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

    The aim of the Seminar was to promote Korczak’s idea of a pedagogical approach that enhances comprehensive development of the child with particular emphasis on teaching pro-social and pro-democratic attitudes.


    The second Korczak Seminar was opened by Ambassador Urszula Gacek. The main guest was Professor Krystyna Starczewska, Polish philosopher and educator who founded the first non-public high-school in Poland, called ‘Bednarska’. Professor Starczewska in her speech presented the impact of Korczak’s ideas on the new model of education, giving as an example the network of social schools founded in Poland after 1989.


    The seminar was attended by about 70 participants (educators, representatives of ministries, diplomats and the officials of the Council of Europe) and was very well received.  Participants actively took part in discussions and helped to shape the conclusions. The person of Janusz Korczak was brought many times into the discussion and the conclusions from debates are directly linked to his ideas.


    The conclusions of the debate can be found here.

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