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  • 11 April 2014

    On 10 April 2014, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe awarded the Europe Prize - the highest distinction that can be bestowed to European cities for efforts to promote European cooperation - to the city of Słupsk.

    Słupsk was awarded for, inter alia:

    - the pioneering project of Triple Entente Carlisle-Flensburg-Słupsk, which was established 25 years ago as the initiative of the President of Słupsk, Mr. Maciej Kobyliński;

    - the cooperation with 10 partner cities in Europe and Asia;

    - the cooperation between youth and educational institutions with foreign partners;

    - Słupsk's activity in the New Hanseatic League;

    - numerous cultural projects carried out in the cooperation with foreign entities.

    It was not only the authorities of Słupsk, who were appreciated, but also its citizens: young people, associations, foundations, and educational and cultural institutions - for their considerate commitment in European projects and a highly developed social initiative.


    In order to be able to apply for the Europe Prize of the Council of Europe, Słupsk had to win a number of other awards first: European Diploma of the Council of Europe (1993), Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe (1994) and the Plaque of Honour of the Council of Europe (1997).


    Słupsk is the 4th Polish and 71th European city, which received the Europe Prize of the Council of Europe.


    Other Polish cities, which have been awarded in 2014:

    Bydgoszcz and Wisła - The European Diploma;

    Bielsko-Biała and Jabłonka – The Flag of Honour;

    Łódź -  The Plaque of Honour.

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