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  • 9 November 2017

    Poland’s mountains, the sea, or perhaps its history, traditions, or a favourite dish? Take a picture, shoot a short film and share your post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram on Polish Independence Day using the hashtag #likePolska. Show us what you like most about Poland.

    The objective of the #likePolska campaign is to showcase Poland’s numerous treasures: its rich history, places worth visiting, culture, traditions, customs and notable accomplishments by Poles. The possibilities are endless; anyone can share their favourite story about Poland. You can take part in the initiative from anywhere in the world, all that it takes is a positive association related to Poland that can be presented on social media platforms.


    Rules of the #likePolska initiative


    Send photos you have taken of your favourite spots in Poland: Krakow’s Main Square, Saska Kępa in Warsaw, or perhaps a cute little corner that only you know of. Take photographs of pierogi, rosół broth, as well as the famous oscypek cheese. Share holiday memories, because it could be that you associate Poland with Christmas Eve. Turn on your phone camera and say, in one sentence, what you value most about Poland.


    Share your post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (make sure that the settings of your post are “public”) using the #likePolska hashtag and join others in celebrating National Independence Day. The most interesting posts will be published on the page on Facebook as well as @Polska and @Poland handles on Twitter.


    You can also join the campaign on Facebook, by changing your profile photo to the #likePolska logo – LINK HERE, and also by using the camera logo overlay on your mobile device - LINK HERE.


    More details about the campaign can be found on the website and Facebook page as well as by following posts with the #likePolska hashtag. 


    Poland MFA Press Office

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